About Us

Rock Tirana is a local bouldering gym where climbers come to connect with other climbers, challenge their physical limits, and learn about the sport and themselves. We hope to expose the climbers of Albania to a new way of thinking, living, and responding to the challenges of climbing and life.
Our mission is to develop a community of climbers who set an example of living that empowers people to courageously face the cruxes of life.
Come join us at our climbing community at Rock Tirana Climbing Gym.
Contact us for more information about climbing, our gym, or why we do what we do.
Never been climbing before? Check out our FAQ about climbing and come prepared for optimal experience.
Interested in the outdoor climbing possibilities in Albania? We’ve got the resources and network to help you navigate Albania’s extensive rock terrain. Just drop us an email with your questions, visit details, and/or climbing goals/interests so we can best help you out.
We look forward to climbing with you!